High Quality, Affordable, Hosting Services

From Web Site/E-Mail hosting to Cloud and VPS hosting The Computer NutZ! has you covered!

Web/E-Mail hosting services

The Computer NutZ! Web hosting division has it's own dedicated web page. To help provide better tailored services to our hosting clients. Rest assured it is all performed in house, and hosted on redundant Data Centers in the US for security and reliability.

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Collaboration/File Sharing Hosting

A professionally hosted and secure location for file sharing, file storage, secure access, collaboration, and notifications. Access and sync your files, contacts, and communicate and collaborate with your team effortlessly from anywhere. File versioning, expiration, and notification of changes are included.

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Cloud Servers, & Virtual Machines

Cloud Servers, scalable, custom infrastructure, high availability, secure, and OS independent. We offer public, as well as onsite private cloud server infrastructure.  
The basic difference between public and private clouds are in public, the infrastructure is usually multi-tenant allowing fast provisioning. While in a private cloud the infrastructure is dedicated to you on-premise or in a data center. 
We can also setup a VM server on location with your own set of VM's running whatever you want, on your own premises.

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