NutZ! Does networking

Take your network to the next level!
Our Networking Professionals can show you how a well designed, and scalable network can tremendously improve your profitablity and ability to share resources, collaborate on projects, or save you money by not selling you unecessary hardware.

Can a well designed network make you more competitive?

YES - A well designed Network will allow you to be better connected with your clients, and allow you to provide the level of service most clients have come to expect. As well as providing a cost effective means to ensure the most productivity and efficiency possible.

How can our network engineers help you?

We will work with you to design and optimize the network for your needs, some companies come in with a precut network design and try to make you fit into it. We believe the Network should be designed around your goals, aspirations, and future expansion goals.

How secure is your network?

Security is a critical, ongoing process, not a one-time task. Your company's best opportunity for effective network security depends on the design, implementation, Security Policies, and maintaining a security architecture.

How well is your communications integrated with your technology?

Let our network engineers show you how the advances in VoIP technology can place your company at the forefront of technology, Integrated faxing, Scanning, Paperless Office, Voicemail through E-mail, and Automated Attendants and Dialers, are just a few examples. This technology can connect remote offices in amazing, efficient and affordable ways!

Is there a more efficient way to invest in technology?

Need to replace your hardware? Looking to implement or expand an existing network? With thin client solutions, like MS Terminal Services or Citrix Metaframe, you can invest in one or two high powered servers, then add or replace your PC's with affordable thin client technology. With Virtualization Software Solutions (Such as Hyper-V or VMware) You can have several server instances on your high performance server utilizing the Safety provided by Raid, and your investment in Processor and RAM.
With the new Cloud Infrastructure Solutions you can move your Server(s) into a virtual scenario, saving you maintenance, and hardware costs. Several software packages can also be hosted in the cloud, saving on hardware costs, and allowing better connectivity from anywhere in the world.
With our Managed IT solutions you can remove your internal IT costs, worry, and maintenance by letting us take on the responsibility for maintaining your infrastructure and the daily maintenance tasks. All for a surprisingly reasonable subscription cost.
Trust the Nutz! we can take care of all your needs!