24x7x365 Managed Next Generation Firewall Solution

Data Breaches and Identity Thieves don't sleep, neither should your Firewall or Security Monitoring Service! Let The Computer NutZ! take on the task of monitoring your security 24x7. With one of our Security packages.

Complete Security Monitoring.

The Computer NutZ! Security monitoring division will provide your company with 24/7 Security Monitoring from a level 2 Security Operations Center (SOC). Constant system monitoring is an excellent proactive, and reactive step to ensuring any vulnerabilities, spyware, virus, or other unwelcome traffic are found and remediated. Notifications can be provided for any level of alert, as well as steps to take and which endpoints are involved. Using a monitoring agent we collect security-related events from end-user devices, servers, network equipment, as well as specialized security equipment like firewalls, antivirus or intrusion prevention systems. Which is then sent to the Security Operation Center for analysis, and parsing.

Managed Security Program Information

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

Traditional Firewalls tend to follow a set of web protocols, and weren't smart enough to distinguish different kinds of web traffic. Since they can't distinguish between allowed business applications and attacks, this results in them accepting or rejecting all traffic. With the constant advancement of cyber attacks and hacking methods, this required the adoption of the next-generation firewalls for better control over individual network applications and traffic. Many next-generation firewall include antivirus, content filtering, intrusion detection, deep packet inspection, as well as including and improving on the features of classic firewalls.

Meet Compliance Requirements with a Managed Firewall Solution.

Combining a Next-Generation Firewall, secure Wireless Access Points, and our SIEM Monitoring solution helps your orginizations data stay secure, safe, and compliant. This multi-faceted approach conducts internal vulnerability scans, detects rogue wireless access, and is updated regularly to maintain security objectives. The Computer NutZ Managed security program, will allow you to focus on your business, without having to worry about data security. While you may have an IT resource in place, sometimes they won't have time for consistent, daily security monitoring. You can rely on our team of experts to monitor and manage the day to day security of your firewall and data, while your IT resource is free to focus on all the other important tasks. If you don't currently have an IT resource, please contact us we can provide any level of support you need.
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