What do we mean by NutZ!

By NutZ! we mean we are .....

NutZ! about Technology and where it is headed!
NutZ! about meeting and exceding expectations!
NutZ! about providing a level of service and value above and beyond the norm!
NutZ! about bringing new technologies to you affordably and reliably!

You and Your Company need to be competitive and efficient, without having to worry about your technology.

Let our Engineers design a solution to keep you current while providing a clear path to the future!
From aquiring new technology to helping you re-utilize older equipment, we can provide outstanding and competitive solutions for you.
 Despite the popular notion, there are several methods and solutions to overcoming problems without the cost associated with replacing all of
your hardware/software. 
When you take into account the new Cloud based Technologies, including SAAS, IAAS, and Virtual Servers the possibilities are limitless!

Kevin Holst - Owner

I would like to be the first one to Thank You, for letting us
have the opportunity to serve you, and hopefully provide you with some information to help guide you to your answers. We look forward to talking to you and finding out how we can solve your problems, settle
your anxiety, and exceed your expectations.
Best Wishes!