Quality, Custom Built, Workstations / Servers

Our Custom built Computers are designed and engineered to fit your needs, while maintaining the perfect balance between features, and price.

Rackmount, Stand Alone, Virtual Servers

Our Custom Built servers are engineered to provide you with rock solid reliability, excellent performance, and are completely tested and loaded with the software you need. 

We can also provide Racks, Monitors, UPS Protection, and KVM Switches.

With our Virtual Server solutions, you can remove the cost of hardware maintenance, upgrades, reduce power consumption, and let it work for you.

High Performance Gaming / Business

Whether you need killer performance at work, or the extreme speed and power for that new 3D game. We can custom design a system specifically for you!

With excellent base systems, or the opportunity to fully customize your system you get exactly what you want and need within your budget. 

Cad, Graphic Design, Multiple Monitor Support, Blue-Ray basically anything you  need we can build!

Thin Client / Specialized Stations

Have a special requirement for a workstation? Space or cost a large factor? Have you looked into thin client technology such as Citrix or MS Terminal Services, or SFF workstations? 

Our engineers can tailor a solution for your situation. From thin clients, accesible PC's, or complete server client solutions.

Each of our Custom Built Computers is hand assembled & put through a rigorous series of tests,  as well as benchmarked. Before being carefully packed and shipped to you ensuring a perfect PC that exceeds your expectations!

One of the many benefits of custom built Computers is the fact that if you ever need to upgrade the system or replace a component, we use top quality retail components, ensuring that any compatible part will work in your system. This alleviates the need to search for a special part or
require you to buy the parts from us!

To find out all your options call one of our system engineers today, for a custom quote to see how we can exceed your expectations! 

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